What is dynasty-365?

This podcast was created to educate all dynasty fantasy football players about how to make long-term decisions, rooted in the scientific method and probability, that will best help their fantasy teams win championship.

Every week, year-round, 5 podcast episodes will be released with a specific focus on dynasty. The news of the NFL, roster construction theory, risk management, probability, film analysis, rookie evaluations, trade advice, and much, much more will be covered in the podcasts. In addition, livestreams will be held on the weekend to answer questions, watch football games together, and things of that nature.

Advanced rankings will be given to paid members of the patreon channel, the cost is only $5/month at patreon.com/365_dynasty, a far greater value than any other dynasty platform out there today. A special podcast will be made weekly discussing those rankings, and all of the advanced tools that paid members will receive. While not all are completed yet, here’s what is already made, and what is planned to be completed this season.

Right now, a vast database of NFL and rookie draft relevant players will be hosted in color-coded spreadsheets that include vast amounts of data points about the prospects. Combine results, physical size measurements, and age are a few of the columns you’ll find, all in order of my own personal rankings that have led me to dynasty success. Speech-to-text film notes that include the games watched and the traits the players displayed during each game is included as well, but beware of typos galore! Spreadsheets that display my personal order of where I’d draft these rookies in a rookie draft, as well as a projected order of how most leagues will draft are included in the paid membership, with the best valued players highlighted.

This year, a trade calculator that is dependent upon league size, scoring settings, roster depth, starting rosters, and the number of assets exchanged on each side will be developed and released to paid members. Even salary cap numbers and length of contract will be included, along with a setting if you’re currently rebuilding or competing this season!

I hope you guys love the podcast, the website, the paid content, everything I’m doing, but there’s always room for improvement. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below, email me at bubba@dynasty-365.com, hit me up on Twitter @365_dynasty, connect with me on Facebook (Bubba Bigbelly), or leave a comment on the YouTube and Twitch channels! Let’s make great long-term dynasties together!